BRONX Wheels Co.

Inspired by the well-known district of NYC. The Bronx was founded and is still heavily influenced by immigrants from Sweden, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and many other European countries.

Rough streets, rough faces, the origin of hip hop, breakdancing, the street culture associated with it and an open multicultural society – the Bronx embodies all of this and so does Bronx Wheels. Best quality wheels made of first class urethane for rough asphalt and hard concrete. With strong European roots and following in the footsteps of the legendary Bronx culture.








Mira Axelsson (SWE)


Sanne Van Linder (NL)


Arthur Kiviliov (GR)


Benjamin Garcia (FR)


Jesse Kloes (DE)


Marvin Rausch (DE)


Patricc Wolf (AT)


Quirin Staut (DE)


Simon Källkvist (SWE)



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