Haze Wheels

The Haze Wheels brand was founded in 2010 by Frenchman Bertrand Soubrier in Paris. Thanks to the great team of well-known skateboarders such as Oscar Candon, Michael Mackrodt, Samuel Partaix and JP Villa, the brand is very popular with skateboarders internationally.

Haze Wheels stand out thanks to the visionary designs by the graphic artist Func’88, resulting in a fresh and recognizable look. The Haze Wheels brand is 100% independent, developed by skateboarders for skateboarders, without big funds and huge warehouses. Haze doesn’t have a secretary, but a lot of passion for skateboarding and the will to do things the way they should be done – right. These properties make Haze Wheels – wheels for cruisers and skateboards – a very good choice. Haze Wheels are available in all common diameters and degrees of hardness. No matter if you want to skate parks, street, pool or just cruise on rough asphalt, there is a very large selection of perfectly optimized skateboard wheels.










Bertand Soubrier


Hugo Maillard


JP Villa


Jonathan Jean-Philippe


Aurelien Giraud


Jeremie Daclin


Yann Garin


Mickael Mackrodt



Vincent Bressol

Nestor Suki


Victor Campillo


Ruben Spekta


Pietro Bonta


Oscar Candon


Samuel Partaix


Antoine Roussel



Gauthier Rouger



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