Lousy Livin by Inpeddo

Lousy Livin by Inpeddo – a perfect match. Anyone who loves the unique graphics by Stefan Marx and expects nothing less than the best Inpeddo skateboard quality will also be a fan of this collaboration. Taste can be argued about – unless it is about the fantastic designs by Lousy Livin. So far, the motifs of Lousy Livin were especially popular on e.g. boxer shorts, bathrobes and bed linen, but now they are finally also available on skateboards and cruisers. After there was already a collaboration for Inpeddo boxer shorts in the past, Lousy Livin by Inpeddo can now not only be worn, but also ridden. Whether toast Hawaii, avocado, melon, pina or silver lemon – the skateboard cruisers consist of a very high-quality setup and are available in different board lengths. Quarter Distribution has been offering these exclusive decks, completes and cruisers from Lousy Livin by Inpeddo since autumn 2019. You can get more information in the current lookbook (download see below) or feel free to contact us.













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