ÜBER Skateboards

ÜBER Skateboards – Stay fast, stay real! The skateboard brand “ÜBER” from beautiful Hamburg was established in 2008. From day one the brand stayed true to producing skateboard decks with high-quality materials and manufacturing, and according to the needs of its customers.

In the meantime, the brand ÜBER Skateboards has become internationally known and has grown into one of the largest European skateboarding brands. Fresh designs with a high recognition value and the use of environmentally friendly, and high quality materials have made a decisive contribution to this. ÜBER Skateboards are made from 7 layers of individually compression-molded Canadian maple. This wood is sourced from gentle and sustainable forestry around the Great Lakes in Canada and the USA. Both the special, water-based adhesive and the paintwork are particularly durable and at the same time environmentally friendly.

The fact that skateboarding comes first at ÜBER is reflected in first-class team riders such as Daniel Spiegel, Christian Krause, Josh Junkes, Reece Knobloch, Marcel Rieger and Felix Lensing. ÜBER Skateboards stays true to its principle: “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a skateboard and that’s pretty close!” Amen!












Daniel Spiegel


Christian Krause


Josh Junkes


Noah Bettschen



Shane Kotte

Marcel Rieger


Felix Lensing


Marvin Rausch



Jesse Kloes



Jan Hellweg



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