Zupply is an extremely good choice in all areas of skateboard hardware. Zupply wheels, hardware sets, ball bearings and much more can be found in the Zupply skateboarding range. Thanks to Zupply, you can now buy high-quality skateboard equipment even with a small budget. QUARTER Distribution’s many years of experience make these products a first-class choice for skateboards, cruisers and longboards. Zupply skateboard wheels are available in the common sizes of 52mm – 55mm and with the most popular degrees of hardness of 90a – 100a for professional skaters. Thanks to different shapes, these skateboard wheels leave nothing to be desired.

Whether in the skate park, in the halfpipe or while cruising on the street – Zupply won’t let skateboarders down. The Zupply hardware and assembly sets also offer absolutely first-class quality for little money. Here, skateboarders get the finest hardware at very low prices. In order to have the best possible control over their skateboard decks, skateboarders of course also need a decent grip tape. Within the Zupply product range you will therefore also find very good skateboard griptape in perforated and non-perforated versions. High-quality ball bearings, also known as skateboard bearings, are among the most important accessories for a skateboard, longboard or cruiser. Zupply offers ball bearings for skateboards in ABEC 7 design and best quality.





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