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Bearing type

Choose between different types, such as Abec 3, Abec 5, Swiss, Ceramic and more, to influence the precision and speed of the bearings.


Choose between steel, stainless steel or ceramic bearings, depending on your performance requirements.

ABEC rating

Look at the ABEC rating to assess the accuracy and speed of the bearings, with higher ABEC ratings usually meaning more precise bearings.

Bearing seals

Choose between removable or non-removable bearing seals to customize protection from dirt and water.


Some bearings come pre-lubricated, while others require individual lubricants. The choice of lubricant will affect the speed and life of the bearings.


Use spacers to ensure the correct distance between the ball bearings and to ensure even rolling behavior.

Color selection

We offer bearings in all different colors.

Number of bearings

Most require 8 bearings, but some riders also prefer 7 or 9 bearing setups for special requirements.


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