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Choice of colours

Personalise your skateboard with wheels in different colours to give your board an individual touch.

Size customisation

Choose the diameter size of the wheels according to your riding style and preferences, e.g. smaller wheels for street skating and larger wheels for cruising.

Degree of hardness

Adjust the hardness of the wheels to customise the ride and damping characteristics, with 78A softer wheels for rough surfaces and 101A harder wheels for smooth surfaces.


Decide on the shape of the wheels, be it conical, cylindrical or radial, to influence the steering behaviour and stability.


Choose between different profiles such as flat, wide or narrow to vary grip and control.


Adjust the durometer of the wheels to customise grip and resistance on different surfaces.

Urethane composition

Decide on different urethane compounds to influence the rolling behaviour, durability and grip of your wheels.

Number of wheels

Choose between four or more wheels per set, depending on your requirements and preferences.

Core design

Some wheels have a specially designed core that improves rolling behaviour and stability


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