Our Distribution

Quarter Distribution offer distribution and fulfillment solutions for brands, with a focus on sporting goods and clothing. The headquarter of the company, with office spaces, is located in Berlin Köpenick. Another location with skateboard production, including a warehouse and offices, is located directly on the A10, near the DHL depot and the Rüdersdorf freight post center.

Reliable distribution partner with a strong B2B network


3500 square meters with warehouse, offices and production

Our 3500 sqm logistics site near the A10 ensures fast and smooth logistics for well-known brands. With a good connection, dispatch of pallets and parcels is particularly quick. Our service includes order acceptance, storage, packaging, franking and shipping, supported by 30 experienced employees. We have a strong distribution network in the sporting goods sector, contributing to the faster spread of new brands. Visit our site near DHL depot and freight post center in Rüdersdorf for reliable logistics services.


  B2B distribution of branded goods

  Safe storage

  Worldwide shipping

  Handling of customs formalities


  Fast processing



Contact us on WhatsApp, send an email to order@quarterdist.com or call us: +491739859833

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